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Sedation Dentistry

A woman sedated and ready for dental work.You can have all your dentistry, that you have been putting off, at Total Smile Care in one or two relaxed visits. You can finally receive all of your treatments while sleeping, without fear and pain.

Dental Sedation is the answer!

Dr. Palani's office specializes in Sedation Dentistry and Sleep Dentistry. We have several different types of sedation dentistry. These can range from simple like, administering oral sedation, a pill or nitrous oxide (laughing gas), to more complex like intravenous sedation. All of these options depends on your needs. If you suffer from dental fear or phobia, sedation allows for both the patient and the dentist to be comfortable while providing and receiving the best dental care possible.

Sedation is Convenient

The best part of Sedation Dentistry is that complex dental treatments that often require six or more appointments can be done in as little as one! All while you sleep.

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What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry will help put you at ease and should eliminate the pain associated with dental procedures.

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Benefits of Sedation:

•  Sedation is very effective for moderate to severe anxiety.
•  Sedation is quick-acting.
•  Sedation levels can be adjusted during the procedure helping you remain comfortable.
•  In many cases, you can get ALL of your dental work done in one visit.

Deep Conscious Sedation

With intravenous sedation (IV sedation), Dr. Palani administers an anti-anxiety drug into the bloodstream giving you a state of "deep conscious sedation." You will not be asleep, but will enjoy a heightened state of relaxation - and probably won't remember much after wards. Your appointment will be a dream and hours in the chair will feel like minutes.

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Get multiple dental procedures done with sedation dentistry and dental anesthesia. Make sure you get an experienced dentist like Giri Palani, DDS.
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