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Invisalign Over Braces

The team here at Palani Center for Dental Implants are experienced in using Invisalign, helping us to give you a beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Invisalign is frequently credited as the most advanced clean aligner in the world. This innovative alternative to standard braces is backed with 20 years of research and is one of the most popular solutions today. It is recommended to both children and adults and can solve a wide variety of teeth issues.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an aligner that is custom made for your teeth and replaced every two weeks during a one or two year period. If your teeth misalignment is severe, you may need to wear it longer. It is an orthodontic treatment made to realign your teeth for a healthier and more beautiful smile.

This technique stands out from the others since it is computer generated, leaving out the potential of human error and ensuring a perfect fit. Our dentists will take a mold of your teeth from which your Invisalign aligners will be made just for you.

How does Invisalign Compare to Regular Braces?

Invisalign is a much better solution than regular braces for those who want to fix their teeth without making many sacrifices. The aligners can be easily taken out when you’re brushing your teeth or eating, which makes them much more convenient and hygienic than traditional braces. We are even able to recommend to patients that they can eat hard foods which are usually not recommended when wearing braces.

Furthermore, Invisalign is completely transparent and almost entirely invisible. This is a crucial factor for adults who feel uncomfortable with the standard metal brackets that hide their smile. Since they are made from plastic, you wouldn’t have to be afraid of any cuts or scrapes inside your mouth while you’re wearing them. This plastic is specially designed for Invisalign, named SmartTrack material. Every aligner goes through safety procedures to ensure its top quality before it reaches the patient.

Another great feature of these aligners is that you’ll be able to see the preview of your new smile before you even make the decision. This will be done as a 3D projection by our Invisalign professionals.

Are you suitable for Invisalign?

To find out whether or not Invisalign is suitable for you, we recommend that you visit us so we can talk about your preferences and requirements. The system, although effective, is not applicable to every circumstance and traditional braces may be the better option in some cases. Furthermore, patients who remove their aligners too frequently will likely experience delays in the progress of their teeth.

Overall, though, people that have used Invisalign through us have been delighted with the results. Not only is it effective, but it is also discreet and convenient, while also helping you to maintain good oral hygiene.

If you’re interested in using Invisalign to beautify your smile, contact our trained personnel at Palani Center for Dental Implants at (310) 894-8337. We will set up an appointment and help you to decide whether this treatment is the correct choice for you.

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