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Digital X-Rays
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Showing a patient their digital X-ray at Palani Center for Dental Implants in Rancho Palos Verdes, CAX-rays are an important part of your oral health plan. Traditionally, X-rays have been taken with a machine that required the use of radiation, and a significant amount of time to develop X-rays. Over the years, there have been advancements in dental technology, including digital X-rays. we make use of digital X-rays to provide you with the best possible oral care.

Why Take X-Rays?

We use X-rays to get a closer look at areas of your mouth that we cannot otherwise see during a regular exam. We can see between your teeth, under your gums and your jawbone. With these images, we can check the condition of these areas and diagnose a variety of different oral health conditions, including tooth decay between the teeth and under the gums, infections, shifting teeth or bone deterioration. From there, a proper treatment plan can be made to optimize your oral, and overall, health.

Digital X-Rays

Advancements in X-ray technology have led to digital X-rays. These types of X-rays rely on electronics, rather than radiation. A sensor, which is hooked up to a computer, is placed inside of your mouth. With the click of a button, the pictures are taken and are displayed immediately on the computer monitor for us to view and analyze.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays offer a number of benefits over traditional X-rays. Quite possibly the biggest benefit is the significant reduction in radiation exposure. Many people have been fearful of traditional X-rays because of their dependence upon radiation. Digital X-rays, however, reduce your exposure to radiation by up to 95%.

A second major benefit to digital X-rays is that images don’t need to be developed in a dark room, saving you a substantial amount of time. Instead, the images are displayed immediately on the computer screen. This helps to decrease the time spent in the chair. Not only that, but digital X-rays can be blown up to show the tiniest details of your mouth. We can magnify certain areas of the image, display them in negative or put them in color. These features of digital X-rays allow us to catch problems in their earliest stages, preventing serious oral health issues from occurring.

Digital X-rays also allow for a digital file to be created. Your images can be accessed immediately, with the click of a button, rather than trying to dig through a paper file, which also helps to save time. We can also take an older image and display it side by side to a current image in order to monitor changes in your mouth, such as decay, shifting teeth or bone deterioration. And, they are also beneficial in the event that you need to see a specialist. With traditional X-rays, you need to obtain a copy of your X-rays and bring them with you to the specialist’s office. However, with digital X-rays, your images can be immediately transferred to the specialist’s office via the computer. You don’t have to worry about getting a copy ahead of time. All you need to do is show up to your appointment.
Digital X-rays have greatly increased the ability to provide you with the best possible oral healthcare. For more information on digital X-rays, and what they can do for you, contact us today at (310) 894-8337!

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